Accelerating value creation
through distributed computing

Linebreak is a scaleup accelerator and hub of cutting-edge technology companies operating with distributed computing. Our purpose is to boost engagement amongst those companies to increase usage, create bigger impacts, and promote technological breakthroughs that have inherent social, environmental, and economic value.

We focus on accelerating value creation within specific technology domains, as well as an ecosystem of associated propositions.

Why We Do What We Do

Linebreak was launched on January 1st, 2021 by Patrick Nicolet, whose experience led to a simple observation: current technology models need significant adjustments in order to meet today's challenges.

We are at a point where information technology can, and importantly, must be deployed in a coherent way to provide what societies demand. We believe that key outcomes are achieved by accessing assets anytime and anywhere so that businesses can operate promptly, with maximum freedom, within secured infrastructures.

Practically, distributed computing allows for the very rapid evolution in the enterprise space from digital to composition platforms; complemented by the emergence of decentralization with blockchain and autonomous systems; while addressing unprecedented cybersecurity and quantum disruptions.

This essential transition will be possible if businesses and organizations are truly free to architect under their own terms. We believe that new ecosystems should be built on distributed and decentralized architectures.

What we do

We identify and invest in leading companies in three specific pillars that constitute distributed computing, either directly or as part of a wider ecosystem:

Composition platformsDecentralized technologiesCybersecurity and Quantum

We call these our anchor companies and our focus is on providing these scaleups with strategic, operational and financial support.

We work closely with them to determine the best way forward with regards to their positioning and building effective ecosystems. By focusing on the strategic development of ecosystems we facilitate major technological breakthroughs, as well as identify early investments opportunities.

Linebreak in itself is an ecosystem.

Benefits for Scaleups

Benefits for Scaleups

We work with scaleups to provide strategic senior support that focuses on creating new architectural models, scaling innovations, and delivering high-growth outcomes. We gather insights to inform strategic gains across technology, operations, commercial and partnership development. We advise them on the best ecosystem of technology partners needed to deliver the desired outcomes.

Relying on a vast network of technology experts and lead architects, we ensure that each of our anchor companies acts as a key player in the broader ecosystems we are building. Working alongside promising entrepreneurs also allows us to identify adjacent opportunities and act upon it fast.

Benefits for Investors

Benefits for Investors

Linebreak brings deep sector and specialist solution knowledge which, in turn, enables us to provide accurate strategic insight such that the right opportunities can be capitalized on quickly. Our insights are focused on specific and targeted investment opportunities.

We take an active approach and provide investors with advisory services, portfolio assessment and risk mitigation strategies. Linebreak also provides a full suite of best-in-class tools and processes to support growth and achieve scale, notably helping with financial management of the ventures.

How We Do It

At Linebreak, we take a proactive approach to supporting and fuelling our entrepreneurs. We aim to create a coherent network by building ecosystems based on mutual values and ambitions. Not only do we invest, we also bring know-how and expertise, whilst making sure their vision remains intact.

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Confidential computing on premise, in the cloud and hybrid

New Asset Exchange - Decentralized Finance

AI-driven Revenue Optimization

Patrick Nicolet

Patrick Nicolet



Patrick began his career in Switzerland where, notably, he was responsible for the creation of the first local incubator, Y-Parc, which is still thriving to this day. Patrick has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Global Leader for Tomorrow at Davos (the precursor to the Forum for Young Global Leaders).

After ten years as an entrepreneur, he joined Capgemini where he spent over twenty years — including seven as a Group Executive Board member — covering a number of leadership roles. In December 2020, he concluded his latest mandate as Group CTO where he oversaw the Group’s Technology, Innovation and Ventures agenda, as well as the global CyberSecurity and IT function.

Patrick’s professional path provides him with a unique perspective on technology transformation and his experience allows him to devise and implement robust strategies that stand the test of time; anticipate new trends with tangible value; and advise stakeholders at all levels from a market and business standpoint.

His experience between both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds enables him to manoeuvre between the two with flexibility and precision. Driven by a strong belief in planet-centric design and values to match, Patrick can initiate change and implement long-lasting solutions that deliver impactful results. He brings along an extensive network of experts in the fields of technology, finance and business.

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